onaEz 2022 Bluetooth 5.0 3D Wireless Washable Sleep Mask


  • [ Bluetooth 5.0 High-Fidelity Stereo Sound ] The Sleep headphones uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stable connection, smooth high-speed and long-distance transmission, low power consumption, give you an unprecedented sound quality experience. Also, built-in adjustable HD stereo speaker and microphone for the hands-free and clear call, no need for additional headphones while listening to music.
  • [ Upgraded Long Lasting Battery ] The Bluetooth sleep mask built with 180mAh high-performance battery, the newest upgraded chip has a battery life of 10 hours. And the bluetooth eye mask only need about 1-2 hours to charge, so you can sleep peacefully the whole night. Great for home, office, air travel, business strip, relaxation, mediation and insomnia.
  • [ Deep Sleep Tool – Total Blocking Light ] This sleeping headphones have a 12mm 3D contoured cup, which will put no pressure on your eyeballs and could protect your makeup and eyelashes extension. In addition, the invisible nose bridge can effectively blocking lights, you can find your ideal fit via adjustable straps, then, a completely dark and comfortable sleeping environment and increasing your sleep desire.
  • [ Comfortable and Washable ] The lining fabric of the sleep headphones Bluetooth is made of breathable and cool ice silk material. And the molded 3D contoured cup is made of slow-rebound memory sponge that could help release your facial stress and make you fall asleep easier.
  • [ Why choose onaEz brand? ] The onaEz brand has focused on developing high-quality sleep headphones and sleep masks for many years. If you are not satisfied, we will promise to replace it. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem within 6 hours.


What‘s Bluetooth sleep headphone apply for?
  • A blocking light sleep mask and which helps you block all kinds of natural light and artificial light.
  • A Bluetooth music eye mask, you can listen to music without wearing extra headphones.
  • A Music sleeping mask helps and isolates the noisy environmental noise from outside.
  • A Bluetooth 3D sleep mask that can protect eyelash extensions
  • Perfect relaxation sleep headphones with yoga.
  • Equivalent to a white noise sleep machine, which has more music choices.


Easy To Use

  • First: Restart phone bluetooth
  • Second: Long press the on/key until the red/blue light flashes
  • Third: Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, find “BT-DLAB”, and then connect
  • Fourth: You can hear the sound after the connection is successful
  • Fifth: Press once PLAY/STOP button to start playing, press again to stop, Vol- is for next song, Vol+ for the previous song.

Support All Device With Bluetooth

  • The Sleep headphones use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Stable connection
  • Smooth high-speed
  • Long-distance transmission
  • Low power consumption

Adjustable Sleep Headphones

  • One Size Fits Most People
  • Adjustable size from 9.8-10.6 inches




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