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"Very comfortable mask I have come across, the shaping keeps pressure off the eyes and the nose shield stops light leaking in. Soft shaped material with adjustable head band, the outer material is stiched rather than bonded adhesively which stops the delamination issue of the outer layer which led to this replacement purchase. Applied a voucher so got it cheaper.."
Paula Robinson
"They are fantastic no light comes through and you do not know you have it on …. The eye recess is great as you can open your eyes with out the material touching you lids …. So it is so easy to get off to sleep. I sleep much longer …..more than my usual 4 hours."
Luis Carlos
"This is excellent- no pressure on my eyes, compete darkness and as a side sleeper the flat side design is extremely comfortable to sleep on"
Alicia Stone
"Was worried because they were so cheap! They’re wonderful, so comfortable and you really can blink. The extra bit over the nose keeps ALL light out. The bag they came in is resealable and perfect for keeping them in.!"
Matthew Johnson
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