onaEz Heat Reusable Cooling Sleep Mask


  • ?【Heat & Cold Eye Mask】onaEz gel eye mask can be easily heated in hot water (<100°C, not in a microwave oven) for 15 minutes for heat therapy, or cooled for 20 minutes (0-8°C) for cold therapy. The special fabric ensures that the eye mask stays at a lower temperature after 6 minutes. You can enjoy the effect of relaxing your eyes for a long time.
  • ?【Effectively Relieve Discomfort】Place cooling eye mask on your face, it helps constrict the skin around the eyes to reduce puffiness and pain. Cold under eye masks is great for relieving dark circles and puffiness,dry eyes, stress,migraines, headaches, makes you look younger and feel better.
  • ❄【Effectively Relieve Dry Eyes & Fatigue】Cooling eye mask can help you relieve pain and soothe your eyes. On the other hand, hyperthermia is more suitable for dark circles, tired and puffy eyes. Eye masks can well promote blood circulation, thereby eliminating dark circles and promoting sleep. Hot cooling sleep mask is also fit for dry eyes and hayfever.
  • ?【High Quality】Our reusable ice sleep mask is processed and sewn with a proprietary sewing technology to prevent leakage. Made of environmentally friendly condensed water and durable soft fabric, gel mask is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and waterproof. With adjustable velcro strap,the ice face mask can comfortably fit you head.
  • ?【Innovative Eye Holes Design】Gel eye mask with eye holes,the design allows you to play with your phone, read books, watch TV, work while wearing it to relax your eyes without getting bored. With adjustable velcro strap,the ice face mask can comfortably fit you head.
  • ❄【Note】1. Do not use a microwave oven to heat! 2. Do not apply the therapeutic eye mask for more than 45 minutes! Not to be used all night!
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