onaEz Gel Sleep Mask for Puffy Eyes


  • ❄【Long cooling time】 The contents of the eye mask are made of high quality polymer gel, which can stay cold for a long time, so you can get the best cold therapy experience.
  • ❄【Relieves your eyes】 For cold therapy, place the eye mask in the refrigerator compartment for 30 minutes (2 ℃ to 8 ℃). Cold therapy will help relieve eye fatigue and provide you with a full day of comfort.
  • ❄【Relaxation while you work】 The innovative design for the eye area means that you can still do what you want after wearing it and you don’t have to close your eyes.
  • ❄【Fixed Velcro fastener】 Improved elastic band holds the sleep mask in place and ensures that it does not fall off your head after wearing.
  • ❗【Note】 Can only be used coldly! Not suitable for all night! No matter whether it is a cold eye mask or a heat eye cover which is functional eye mask that can’t wear all night! In the summer, refrigerator temperature needs to be more low to make the eye cover for longer. Winter, temperate the refrigerator temperature and wearing time according to you need
  • ❄【onaEz brand is trustworthy】 onaEz produces professional, comfortable eye masks of the highest quality. If there is any dissatisfaction, we would offer a replacement or a full refund.
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